Sunday, January 4, 2015

Mystery Fragrance #3 - KaPOW!

Hi there!

Absolutely loved fragrance #2 which I named "Island Joe". You can read about that one here. On to my third fragrance in the Brambleberry Winter SOAP panel. 

When I opened up my bottle of fragrance #3 my eyes got wide, my senses were heightened and I felt more alert, and strangely enough craved vitamin c. Hmmm. It's a fresh, clean, citrus fragrance that wakes you up and slams you upside the head, and so I'm calling it KaPOW!

The colors that came to mind instantly were sunshine colors, orange, white, yellow. 


The soap moved very, very slow. A great choice if you're looking for something that will not move on you. In fact, I believe it decelerated trace. Even by the time I was ready to mold my remnants into my round mold I was still at a very thin consistency. 


I haven't said it yet, but this was my very favorite fragrance of all of the eight fragrances sent to be tested. I liked them all, had my favorites and least favorites. But overall I think the new line is amazing. KaPOW slam dunks for me! I think anyone would be happy with this fragrance including men and especially kids. I will definitely be adding this to my line up when it arrives and plan on making a dead sea salt spa bar to accompany the soap. 

This soap didn't discolor after cure and the scent has remained strong. I'll be diving into all the scents a little more in depth in my final blog regarding discoloration, scent changes, etc. So look for that after mystery fragrance #8 has been revealed. You can have a look at them after cure, cleaned up, and ready to go. And yes, I'll be selling sample sets of all eight in quarter bars if you're interested you will find them on my Etsy site mid-late January.

Hope everyone has an amazing week. Look for my fragrance #4 reveal very soon "Petals and Whispers". 

Much love!

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