Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Mystery Fragrance #4 - Petals and Whispers


On to my fourth fragrance in the Brambleberry Winter SOAP panel. Looking for the third mystery fragrance (KaPOW!), you can find it here

And no, this is not a lost book in the V.C. Andrews series. I've named it Petals and Whispers because upon my initial scent I thought of something soft, tender sweet and feminine with a kiss of floral. I've since changed my mind, or rather the scent has changed after cure... but more about that after #8 has been revealed.

The colors that came to my mind were soft pinks, shimmery silvers and a touch of light purple. 

This fragrance behaved itself very well and is an extremely slow tracer. By the time I got my remnants in the round molds it was just as fluid as when I started.


I am very happy with this fragrance! I can't wait to see this and all the reveals!


Stay tuned to see the reveal of #5 "The Metro" coming soon...

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