Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Mystery Fragrance #1 - Berry Happy

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In my previous blogpost I talked about the Brambleberry Winter SOAP panel, how I was chosen and my initial thoughts. Now, I'm going to dive into each individual fragrance, one by one. I'll share my creative vision, impression, and how I liked working with each one.

Fragrance #1 "Berry Happy"

So... mystery fragrance #1... smelled like pomegranates, berries, vanilla, crumb cake out of the bottle. It was sweet, it was a bit fruity and I really like it. The colors that popped into my head first were raspberry, purple and teal. 

No rapid acceleration, no ricing,
I decided to do a "tilted tiger stripe". 


This soaped wonderfully and the scent was phenomenal! I decided to name this soap "Berry Happy". I've named all the soaps and of course, used my one pound Brambleberry silicone test molds and silicone round cavity mold to test them all out.


The soap moved slow enough, but once it started to thicken up, it moved pretty fast. So, I had to work fast. By the time I got my remnant batter into the round mold it was pretty thick. Which you can see by looking at the round molded soap. Not too thick to work with, especially if you're looking for well a well defined color scheme. On a 1-10 scale of "moving" I give this a 7. 

  And the final results...

FO #1 Berry Happy

  Next up... Mystery Fragrance #2 "Island Joe"

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